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Our custom power supply units are used in a variety of telecom applications ranging from fibre optic transponders to Advanced TCA applications.

We are an ISO9001 company and are fully approved to, and have procedures for, verifying compliance with all aspects of telecom requirements. We are familiar with the appropriate specifications, e.g., NEBs, Telspec, ETSI, BT, UL aswell as the detail performance and test procedures for safety and EMC compliance.

VISIONPOWERís Telecoms Ringer PSUs can be used in the following applications:

Telecoms Ringer Solution

15W Telecoms Ring Generator DC/AC PSUs (datasheets)

48Vdc nominal - standard Telecoms Input
86Vrms nominal Sine Wave Ring Output
Capable of Driving a 15 REN Load at 93Vrms
Output voltage 75Vrms or 86Vrms as standard - selectable via Logic-level input
Other output voltages available as factory option
Ring amplitude independent of load
Inherent 4 quadrant operation (no mode switching) ensuring virtually no crossover distortion and low THD (<5%) Sine wave output
4 logic selectable ring frequencies (162/3, 20, 25, 50Hz)
Ringing relay sync signal with adjustable lead time
Output overload protection
Logic-level fault indicator
Logic-level enable control
Floating output - output may be referenced to Vin+, Vin- or another external DC output offset
Very low voice band noise

Product range

VISIONPOWER's telecoms products cover a wide range of styles and features. Our datasheets feature a small selection of the type of product available from VISIONPOWER.

Custom requirement

If you have a requirement in mind, or just need advice, and would like a solution please contact us and we shall be happy to provide a technical proposal and quotation.

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Custom power supply units

VISIONPOWER designs and builds custom power supplies to your specification.

VISIONPOWER quality systems are registered to ISO 9001 for the design, development and supply of high reliability electronic power supplies.

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