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VISIONPOWER's DC-AC Custom PSUs can be used in a variety of applications including:-

DC-AC Solution

  • PBX
  • PABX
  • DLC
  • Wireless Local Loop Systems
  • Satellite Telephone and VSAT Terminal
  • VoIP Gateways
  • Short & Long Loop Applications
  • Rural Telephony Systems
  • Key Systems
  • Remote Terminal
  • Integrated Access Devices
  • Test Equipment

15W Telecoms Ring Generator DC/AC PSUs (datasheets)

48Vdc nominal - standard Telecoms Input
86Vrms nominal Sine Wave Ring Output
Capable of Driving a 15 REN Load at 93Vrms
Output voltage 75Vrms or 86Vrms as standard - selectable via Logic-level input
Other output voltages available as factory option
Ring amplitude independent of load
Inherent 4 quadrant operation (no mode switching) ensuring virtually no crossover distortion and low THD (<5%) Sine wave output
4 logic selectable ring frequencies (162/3, 20, 25, 50Hz)
Ringing relay sync signal with adjustable lead time
Output overload protection
Logic-level fault indicator
Logic-level enable control
Floating output - output may be referenced to Vin+, Vin- or another external DC output offset
Very low voice band noise

Custom Requirement

If you have a requirement in mind, or just need advice, and would like a solution please contact us and we will be happy to provide a technical proposal and quotation.

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Modular Solution Provider

In addition to providing discrete Power Supply design solutions, VISIONPOWER also offer a wide range of modular based solutions. As a Vicor-authorised VAR, VISIONPOWER design and build custom power supplies using Vicor power components. VISIONPOWER offer the advantages of modular-based power solutions - including rapid, flexible, economical, and reliable design - to our customers looking for a complete custom power supply solution in the shortest timeframe.

VISIONPOWER quality systems are registered to ISO 9001 for the design, development and supply of high reliability electronic power supplies.

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