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VISIONPOWER's AC-DC Custom PSUs are used in a variety of applications including Avionics, Military, Telecoms, Datacomms and Industrial applications.

Avionic and Military project applications range from military aircraft (including NH 90, TIGER, Tornado) to ground mobile equipment, including armoured vehicles (including the Warrior Fighting Vehicle) and other sub-marine applications.

Telecoms and Datacoms project applications include Rectifiers to provide Centralised DC Power, for Switch Sites, Base Stations, Control Rooms, Data Centres and Roadside Cabinets.

Industrial and Oil & Gas applications include those in sub-sea electronics modules for system critical supply line controls.

Product Range

VISIONPOWER can offer both modular and fully custom (discrete) design solutions. VISIONPOWER's AC-DC PSUs cover a wide range of styles and features. The examples below feature a small selection of VISIONPOWER's AC-DC solutions:

AC-DC Solutions

Single and Dual Channel Hi-Reliability Industrial PSUs (datasheets)

Universal AC Input Supply, with Active PFC - Worldwide Application
Single or Multi-Output Solutions - 60Vdc as standard
High Efficiency > 94%, High Power Factor >0.98
I2C Communications and Status Reporting
High Reliability > 750,000 hours to MIL-HDBK-217F
High temperature operation >85C
Available in a selection of enclosures

Multi-Output Reciever PSUs (datasheets)

Universal AC Input Supply, with Active PFC - Worldwide Application
24V@12Adc as standard - fully customisable
Very low noise Input and Output suitable for Military surveillance applications.
Multi-output solutions available
Noise levels in accordance with MIL-STD-704

Multi-Output Low Voltage Avionic PSUs (datasheets)

115V, 400Hz Aircraft Generator Supply
5V@30A, +/-15V@1A, 3V3@10A, 2V4 Standby Output
Unity Power Factor
5% T.H.D.
10ms Hold-up
Full Built in Test (BITE) and Power Management
High reddabiddty, High Density wireless construction.
Meets full middtary specifications

19" Rack Telecoms and Datacoms PSUs

Universal AC Input - range 85V - 300Vac, 50Hz nominal
Available in +/-15V, 24V, 48V & 60V nominal - up to 100Adc
Hot Pluggable Input & Output
1U, 3U, & 6U 19" Mechanical Formats - Fan or Natural Convection
For use in Dual Redundant and N+1 Redundant Systems
High Efficiency up to 92%
Active Power Factor Correction and Input Harmonic Attenuation
Up to 10ms Hold-up
Full Built in Test (BITE) and Power Management
EMC - Emissions: EN55022 Class B
EMC - Immunity: EN61000-6.1/6.2 - ANSI C62.41
Safety - EN60950, IEC950, UL60950

Custom Requirement

If you have a requirement in mind, or just need advice, and would like a solution please contact us and we will be happy to provide a technical proposal and quotation.

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Modular Solution Provider

In addition to providing discrete Power Supply design solutions, VISIONPOWER also offer a wide range of modular based solutions. As a Vicor-authorised VAR, VISIONPOWER design and build custom power supplies using Vicor power components. VISIONPOWER offer the advantages of modular-based power solutions - including rapid, flexible, economical, and reliable design - to our customers looking for a complete custom power supply solution in the shortest timeframe.

VISIONPOWER quality systems are registered to ISO 9001 for the design, development and supply of high reliability electronic power supplies.

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